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In the course involving our own trip to discover when we arrived from, there's been many concepts most of them insured by technological justification plus proofs. Archaeologists, Anthropologists, Geologists, Paleontologists, as well as Historians most have got given individuals concepts right after concepts in addition to most by using a number of total of scientific files and also evidences. In spite of their their efforts there are plenty of archaeological, anthropological, geological, realizes along with evidences in which defies direct sense and defies the current technological rank on the starting point regarding civilization. To myself one of several most intriguing evidence of the particular starting point connected with world will be Vedic scriptures. The scriptures is a save residence of knowledge and evidences with the origin of world which usually while assessed along with ana lyzed will push the actual date on the origins of intelligent human world very much after compared to cures currently know and also might know about are currently educated and also designed to belief. In reality at this point some sort of morning studies are usually currently being conducted in this area and also scientists, historians, linguists, anthropologists have become contemplating the Vedas in a very various light. Writers such as Dr David Frawley, Graham Hancock, Dr Michael Cremo, Zacharia sitchin , Dr B.G.Sidharth, Dr.Sidharth Kak have done extensive scientific studies from the Vedic scriptures and as a result of them, these days that notion towards scriptures everywhere the entire world appears to be changing.

In a lot of examinations regarding missing civilizations, there is some sort of a revelation trend to be able to leave India right out the picture. While the actual wonders of Egypt or Sumeria can be discussed, the each wonderful magic of ancient Indi a will be seldom mentioned. This is bizarre since India is the primary region that has preserved our ancient individual heritage, each materially in addition to spiritually. For example, in India today it's possible to observe similar form involving forehead worship however getting utilized like this which in turn after taken place around ancient Egypt, Babylonia, Greece or Mexico, and the identical concentration on the psychic plus the holy since the concentrate of life. India has intensive archaeological is still which tend to be one of several greatest along with most seasoned inside world. Harappan India or even India belonging to the so-called 'Indus Valley Civilization' was the actual premier urban world from the universe associated with its instances within the finally millennium BC (3100-1900 BCE), together with important web-sites advancing from the Ganges pond inside the east to Afghanistan in the west, coming from the edge with Iran to be able to near Bombay. Howe ver, India's purpose with historic civilization has been largely ignored simply more culturally comfortable, although geographically much scaled-down countries in the Near East, regardless of that experts claim such ancient nationalities often lauded the actual effecitveness associated with India themselves. How a lot of us be aware that this cultures regarding Egypt and also Mesopotamia would match without difficulty into Harappan India having a great deal area to help spare, a whole lot much larger seemed to be your Indian civilization. There may be a good even higher dismissing the symptoms on the Vedic literature involving India, that is certainly by far and away the biggest that have been preserved on the traditional world. The thousands connected with internet pages of your poetic novels dwarf almost all which the remaining globe has handled just to save from these kinds of early on eras. Yet as an alternative to positioning Vedic reading upon par with the Pyramids inv olving Egypt regarding civilizational achievements, scholars lower the actual Vedas towards the rantings involving illiterate nomads out of Central Asia, that by means of many balances should have remaining very little novels anyway. The spiritual wisdom with the Vedic mantras, shlokas, as well as adventure telling inside the model of quatrants, is dismissed in respect to somewhat of a check out that the Vedas will be just a character poems associated with barbarian invaders. This is usually in spite of the fact your Vedas were being the inspiration for your superb yogic as well as mystical customs connected with Asia through Hindu as well as Buddhist lifestyle and the entire science regarding Yoga, which in turn often reference them. Not solely has Vedic materials been recently ignored, there is yet another work and keep your Vedic books separate through the excellent archaeological stays in britain of the various Harappan sites. We are usually told in which the truly amazi ng urban civilization connected with early India along with the superb Vedic materials that will India preserved when it is historical heritage usually are not linked to the other person during all. We are usually still left with 'a civilization with not a literature' and also a 'literature with out a civilization', nevertheless together an awesome novels and a good civilization originated ancient India and frequently utilize very same symbols. This is at studies within the many Vedic images present in Harappan web pages plus on Harappan seals including the Brahma bull, numbers inside meditation postures, Shiva-like Gods, fireplace altars in addition to swastikas. Here the brand new geology and also marine archaeology includes ruled in favor of this ancients. Vedic books explains it's homeland about some sort of prodigal river labeled this Sarasvati, which as outlined by Vedic descriptions flowed east with the Indus on the Himalayas into the Arabian Sea. Modern satellite pho tography has sort advised the presence of this specific great river, when have numerous geological in addition to floor normal water scientific studies practiced on the last couple of decades, which show of which that Sarasvati seemed to be the moment through ten km's in width and flowed on the piles for the sea, dwarfing that regional Indus. As the actual Vedas say, the Sarasvati seemed to be the largest canal in the region during that time. It had been the actual core on the superb world as well as vast majority of historic Indian as well as Harappan wrecks have been determined upon that at this point dried out bankers with the Sarasvati.

In this prior reports I have created an effort that will bring to my own readers the following vastness belonging to the Vedic scriptures as well as the scientific nature associated with the scriptures. I have created a great attempt to be able to enable my own viewers are aware that the particular Vedic civilization is usually by simply very little implies a world in the natives because believed because of the West, nonetheless a civilization that is pretty advanced, scientific, plus very prolific. This world is at point this progenitor of a lot cultures inside the world. AND your Vedic world has been possibly the particular most well-known civilization along with the only civilization that will evolved following a last glaciations a number of 15000 decades ago. It afforded increase to many people other world inside earth nonetheless inside the Indian subcontinent ( I am not necessarily speaking involving just about any political boundary right here ) this kind of world has been a steady phenomenon right until date.

Writing this kind of article I must write about Bal Gangadhar Tilak that seemed to be often known as Lokmanya Tilak. It appeared to be his work around the Vedic world in which sparked many rage one of many after that British Government . Bal Gangadhar Tilak, appeared to be a strong Indian nationalist, social reformer plus freedom killer whom was the 1st famous innovator belonging to the Indian Independence Movement. Tilak sparked the shoot for full independence with Indian consciousness, and is particularly thought to be that mother with Hindu nationalism since well. Swaraj is my birthright, as well as I shall include it! This prominent offer of his is very popular along with well-remembered in India even today.

Reverently hammered out while Lokmanya (meaning "Beloved on the people" or maybe "Revered because of the world"), Tilak appeared to be a new scholar connected with Indian history, Sanskrit, Hinduism, mathematics in addition to astronomy. He was given birth with July 23, 1856, in a whole village near Ratnagiri, Maharashtra, suitable midsection school Chitpavan Brahmin family. Tilak seemed to be a passionate scholar which has a special abilities to get mathematics. He was amid India's primary iteration of youngsters that will be handed a modern, student education. Tilak authored your well-regarded The Orion, or, Researches into your antiquities belonging to the Vedas (1893) by which they used astronomy to determine that this Vedic men and women were present with India no less than as early as the independence day millennium BC. Later, inside 1903, he / she had written your additional assuming Arctic Home in the actual Vedas. In it he or she argued this the Vedas could exclusively include recently been composed within the Arctics, plus the Aryan bards produced them southern soon after the actual attack of the previous Ice age. The rig Veda, the actual most well-known in the Vedas, if had been consisting with this arctic place after that the item means that there is a new civilization that's contained in this type of remote over in addition to place the final glaciations could this quite world moved for you to many feasible component to the globe wherever it sensed getting harmless from the approaching terrib le effects regarding that glaciations. Then would that become right ample that will assume how the Vedic civilization, since most of us learn the item today, could be the plausible finish with a very much older, considerably scientific, significantly well structured civilization? A world which can be certainly not situated now, a world which exist only around that legends?

His appreciation was cartography. His substantial standing inside Turkish dark blue allowed your ex to get a lucky admission to your Imperial Library connected with Constantinople.

The Turkish admiral admits within a number of notes within the guide that he / she made as well as replicated the information at a significant number of supply maps, some of which dated back to help the fourth century BC or earlier.

The Piri Reis road shows the western shoreline involving Africa, the eastern coast of South America, plus the particular northern shoreline regarding Antarctica. The north coastline c onnected with Antarctica can be perfectly detailed. The a lot of puzzling even so is not really much how Piri Reis maintained to bring this sort of a definative map from the Antarctic region three years previous to it turned out discovered, however the fact that road demonstrates that coastline under the ice. Geological proof agrees with how the latest date Queen Maud Land has been charted in an ice-free state is actually four thousand BC. The official development has become declaring many along that this ice-cap that covers this Antarctic will be thousand years old.
The Piri Reis guide displays which the northern component of the continent features already been mapped before the ice did protect it. That need to produce assume remember that it is mapped trillion years ago, nevertheless that is certainly not possible since mankind could not exist during that time.
Further and more correct scientific studies have proven that this final interval of ice-free issue in the Antarctic broken about 6000 several years ago. There usually are nevertheless doubts within the starting point of the following ice-free period, which has been put by way of diverse investigators every thing concerning year or so 13000 plus 9000 BC.
The concern is: Who mapped this Queen Maud Land with Antarctic 6000 a long time ago? Which mysterious civilization acquired the actual know-how or maybe the demand to perform that?

It will be well-known the fact that initial civilization, in line with this conventional history, developed within the mid-east about year 3000 BC, rapidly to be accompanied with a millennium because of the Indus area and also your Chinese ones. So, accordingly, nothing of the known civilizations could have done a really job. Who seemed to be here 4000 a long time BC, being in a position to accomplish issues this NOW tend to be likely while using contemporary technologies? Therefore When Tilak said about a world submit past glaciation s as well as the positioning appearing that Arctic your dog has not been just make controversy but they acquired definitive proof which they definitely found inside Vedic scriptures. For example, that holy guide Rig-Veda boasts a adventure of your excellent world that existed 18 million issue about the particular place Oryana. The site on the continent may very well be effortlessly identifiable with all the help associated with Hindu almost holy writings. According to them, the hub of Arka, your investment involving this united empire, was situated underneath the actual Polar Star i.e. on the territory in the present-day Arctic. Could the particular title Oryana compel Tilak in order to identify his analysis The Orion

Over 11,000 prohibited there endured a great snowdonia location located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean(?) populated by way of a noble along with successful race. The persons on this land was born with excellent huge selection thanks to the natural o ptions found in the course of their own island. The tropical isle appeared to be a new middle for trade and commerce. The rulers on this stretch of land kept swing with the people and also area that belongs to them island along with nicely into Europe and also Africa. This has been the tropical isle associated with Atlantis.

Atlantis has been the particular space of Poseidon, lord with the sea. When Poseidon fell throughout enjoy with a human woman, Cleito, they developed some sort of primary home with the top of any hill close to the middle from the region and surrounded the actual primary home with much more involving water and also land to protect her. Cleito afforded labor and birth to help five controls of twin traders whom started to be the best rulers involving Atlantis. The area was broken down among the brothers considering the eldest, Atlas, earliest King involving Atlantis, appearing granted control in the central mountain along with surrounding areas. Plat o was a new pupil connected with Socrates until finally this latter's passing away within 399 BC with the fingers in the Athenian authorities. After their teacher's death, Plato visited extensively, which include excursions around Egypt.

In 387 BC he returned to be able to Athens and set up the actual Academy, your education regarding scientific disciplines and viewpoint which became the particular style for that modern-day university. Perhaps the most well known scholar with the Academy was Aristotle whose teachings have experienced marvelous affect viewpoint as a result of today. Due to the Academy's safekeeping, many of Plato's works have survived. His extant writings are developing the form of letters and dialogues, essentially the most renowned which can be probably The Republic. His writings include subject matter which range from information to be able to contentment to be able to politics that will nature. Two associated with his dialogues, Timeaus as well as Critias, store really the only recognised first sources towards snowdonia regarding Atlantis.

In the earth many are the sole a pair of epics Timeaus and also Critias wherein there's a mention of these kinds of a new civilization. THE ATLANTIS CIVILIZATION. The epics keeps growing to identify the structure or metropolis strategy from the Atlantis as well as the day-to-day lives from the Atlanteans. At the top end from the core hill, your forehead ended up being made that will recognize Poseidon which usually housed a new giant precious metal porcelain figurine of Poseidon riding a new chariot pulled by way of winged horses. It had been these that this rulers with Atlantis would come to focus on laws, pass judgments, as well as fork out homage for you to Poseidon. To accomplish vacation as well as trade, a drinking water canal seemed to be reduce by way of regarding this happens to be with stretch of land along with water jogging southwest for 5.5 kilometers (~9 km) to the sea. The metropolis of Atlantis sat simply just in the garden the particular external wedding ring with water as well as distribute along the basic covering a new group associated with 11 miles (1.7 km). This appeared to be a densely populated area the location where the flavor the actual society lived. Beyond the city rest a fertile basic 330 kilometers (530 km) prolonged in addition to 110 miles (190 km) wide ornamented by way of a different canal familiar with acquire water through the waters and avenues in the mountains. The weather had been such that not one but two harvests were likely every year. One in the winter season fed because of the down pours your decide one in the the summer months provided by means of irrigation from your canal.

Surrounding the basic for you to the north were foothills which usually soared to your skies. Villages, lakes, rivers, as well as meadows dotted this mountains. Besides the particular harvests, the tropical isle offered a ll kinds of herbs, fruits, along with nuts. An abundance associated with animals, which include elephants, roamed the island. For ages that Atlanteans existed simple, virtuous lives. But little by little that they started to be able to change. Greed in addition to electric power started out to virus ridden them. When Zeus saw this immorality of the Atlanteans he or she accumulated other gods to view a suitable punishment.

Soon, around one violent rise it was before gone. The region associated with Atlantis, its people, and its recollection were swallowed by the sea.

Geologists, both well-known in addition to alternative, acknowledge which evidence is actually overwhelming which there were an enormous world wide accident with all-around 10,000 BC that will ended a final Ice Age and changed the actual encounter of the world in virtually every way. For the people still living at the beginning it need recently been a great knowledge i not able to imagine. The sea l evels increasing more than 200 feet within a week, submerging almost all beaches plus coastal lands, torrential rainstorms measuring in foot rather than inches, throughout the world hurricanes, supervolcanic eruptions resorting your sky charcoal as well as blotting out there the sunlight for months. A waterfall as broad as the Bosphorous Strait filling in place the particular Black Sea like a bathtub. The individual survivors connected with this kind of cataclysm could for no reason actually have neglected it along with will most definitely include informed their young children and also grandchildren regarding it; plus those people pursuing ages might have passed on the storyline that will their very own descendants. This memory endured towards the situated day to get these folk-legends in the Great Flood etc. However, conventional studies of prehistory point out of which 12,000 years ago humankind remained with us inside modest groups; the actual Neolithic Age have simply s imply just begun many men and women nevertheless were living in nomadic hunter-gatherer cultures. There were no cities, no nation-states just like Atlantis is considered to become and only a handful of over towns numbering get rid of over a number of number of people. Many Mavericks have claimed of which the particular beliefs describing a sophisticated prehistoric civilization will be in fact actual plus the conventional researchers have got it wrong. However this alternative, minority view lacked hard studies until finally recently.

Plato concedes that he trained this story of Atlantis coming from Solon who, in turn, became the item from your Egyptians. But those, within their turn, learnt this out of the Hindus involving Punt (Indonesia). Punt was the Ancestral Land (To-wer), this Island associated with Fire whence the actual Egyptians originally came, within the beginning associated with times, expelled simply by the cataclysm that razed their particular land. From at this time there likewise followed the Aryans, the particular Hebrews in addition to Phoenicians, together with another countries this launched the wonderful cultures with olden times. Here we see the 1st view belonging to the Vedic connection. Could Rig Veda your earliest belonging to the Vedas have any kind of refer to of your civilization? Many cultures coming from all over the Pacific create reference for this land. Here will be only a few: The stories regarding Easter Island talk about Hiva, which often sank below the particular oc ean when people today fled, though one Samoan star calls the same place Poluto. The Maoris regarding New Zealand however discuss arrivals sometime ago from your misfortune snowdonia referred to as Hawaiki, a huge and mountainous area with that various other area of the water. The myths and tradition with India are around every corner having references. The Rig Veda speaks of "the several continents that were"; thirdly has been dwelling to be able to your battle labeled the Danavas. A property called Rutas was a good immense continent far on the distance involving India and house into a race of sun-worshippers. But Rutas had been divided asunder by way of volcanic upheaval plus provided for this underwater depths. Fragments continued to be since Indonesia and the Pacific islands, and a couple of survivors reached India, when these people grew to become the actual snobs Brahman caste. Hopi Legend - On the end of the ocean are situated many this extremely pleased cities, that a rriving patuwvotas [shields] as well as worldly pieces dangerous with evil. Faced with disaster, a lot of people hid inside the the planet when runaway by simply bridging the marine about reed rafts, with all the islands when stepping-stones. The exact same tale of get away in order to dry land appears while in the Popol Vuh - the particular Mayan story associated with creation. Augustus Le Plongeon, (1826-1908) a 19th millennium researcher and article author whom carried out investigations belonging to the Maya damages in the particular Yucatan released that will they had translated ancient Mayan writings, which will allegedly showed that the Maya associated with Yucatan were are over the age this afterwards cultures regarding Atlantis and Egypt, and additionally told the story of your actually elderly region associated with Mu, whose survivors set up the Maya civilization. Later pupils from the Ancient Maya writings argue in which Le Plongeon's "translations" were determin ed by somewhat more compared to his dramatic imagination. Stay tuned because I are going to be posting more documentaries because of this anime.

The Hindus have several customs with a new paradisial place wherever humans as well as civilization primary originated. One such plase appeared to be Tripura, "the Triple City". having metallic partitions and fantastic palaces. The people associated with Tripura were originally very pious, nevertheless along with that penetration with time, they became evil and perverse, and also ended up demolished by Shiva. It is because of the feat in which Shiva acquired the particular epithet of Tripurantaka ("Destroyer of Tripura"). Tripura had been created after some sort of mountain thus lofty, so it has been asked reside inside skies. Another Hindu tale for a misplaced empire issues Lanka,and is usually explained to in more detail in the Ramayana. The saga in the destruction of Lanka by way of Rama along with Hanumant seemed to be th at Homer's Illiad has been based. Just since the Ramayana explains your account regarding Lanka along with the rescue of Shita (the wife of Rama) exactly who ended up being taken by the particular nasty Ravana. The Illiad recounts the particular wrecking of Troy plus the saving of Helen who had been consumed by way of Paris.

The Mahabharata applies the tumble of Krishna's monstrous empire during the fantastic war among that Lunars as well as the Solars (the Kurus in addition to Pandus). Hastinapura, the actual cash from the Pandu empire, had been that "City from the Pillars" (Hastina-pura) - or maybe this "City belonging to the Nagas". The Mahabharata in addition tells of Dvaraka, the cash of Krishna, found on an island at the center with the seas. Krishna's capital, Dvaraka, sunk within the that sea plus their divine hero passed on while in the Great War.

Dravidian customs speak on the vast sunken stretch of land generally known as "Rutas" that is located on t he south-east of India. The Dravidas lay claim to have shifted to be able to India from that land before the item sunk below the actual sea, during a a excellent catacylsm. The name Rutas is often a reflectivity in the Sanskrit word " radix rudh" resulting in "red" as well as Dravidian term "ruta:" which means 'to often be red' , 'to burn'. These etyms call to mind that "Island connected with Fire" and would avoid towards "Land connected with that Reds" ( one of many a lot of mystical names connected with Atlantis) The Dravidas said to possess been recently Kshatryias ("Warriors"), a great Indian caste whose heraldic color is actually red.

The delusion in the Celestial Jerusalem, explained to while in the Book of Revelation, arises directly from that Hindu lifestyle with Lanka, this "Queen with your Waves". Lanka, whose background is told inside Ramayana, seemed to be this particular archetype of Plato's Atlantis, along with Homer's Troy. Lanka was designed when a hig h pile (Mt. Trikuta = Mt. Atlas or maybe Meru), plus was stated "to fly in the air, scratching the particular stomach regarding heaven". Hindu common myths also explain to how Lanka, along with "its podiums along with surfaces of stone dressed using metal" appeared to be pulled right out the summit on the Holy Mountain (Meru) through the North Wind (Vayu) in addition to placed into your seas, where by them drowned by using just about all its huge population. Interestingly enough, exactly the same myth, having Atlas (i. e., Atlantis) substituting with regard to Lanka, is additionally came across around Greece. Atlas, frequently discovered with Hesperus, your Evening Star, had been thrown into the particular ocean simply by Boreas, the particular North Wind who's going to be the Greek counterpart with Vayu. There Atlas drowned, and also appeared to be to be identified absolutely no more, in the same way happened having Lanka and, indeed, having Atlantis.

The New Jerusal em will be Atlantis, reborn from their cinders, seeing that a new kind of Phoenix, the particular bird that personifies Paradise throughout Greek myths. These common myths were in truth copied out of Egypt who, around turn, cribbed these people from India. India and, more exactly, Indonesia, will be correct territory regarding this Phoenix, as is reasonably straightforward to show, mainly because it will be through generally there of which comes the name in the Benu chook belonging to the Egyptians thinking that of the Phoenix in the Greeks.

This mystic chicken was called Vena while in the Rig Veda. So, if the particular Phoenix indeed is a symbol of Atlantis-Paradise resurging from unique cinders, because we all consider the item does, there is little skepticism in which the legend handset is definitely in the beginning Vedic, and originated from your Indies. The name means next to nothing that helps make perception in either Egyptian as well as Greek. But inside th e holy tongues connected with India this indicates the thinking behind Eros (Love) and, more exactly, the particular Sun involving Justice this is a symbol of Atlantis rising on the marine environments with the primordial abyss. This misconception varieties that quality with the among the Celestial Jerusalem, because good as, say, those of the actual Orphic Cosmogonies, those of this Egyptians, and also those of almost every other ancient nations.

Other Hindu figures tell regarding Agartha (or Shambhalla), the subterranean world with the King from the World. According to that tradition, it can be from Shambhalla that should surge Kalkin, (The King on the World) with the ultimate battle of the stop regarding times. Kalkin will guide his hosts, the Sons of Light, in order to success against the Sons with Darkness. The fantasy involving Shambhalla is the archetype coming from which in turn were copied that same models from the Essenes plus associated with your Christians . The Celestial Jerusalem from St. John's Revelation, the actual fairy tale of Kalkin prefigures your Second Coming associated with Jesus Christ. Many authorities have got correlated the cultures associated with Agartha as well as Shambhalla using those of Atlantis and that Celestial Jerusalem. In fact, Atlantis too will resurge ultimately connected with situations around specifically the particular exact same fashion since the Celestial Jerusalem.

It is definitely considerable that will notice that, based on geo physical study influenced by the action with the continental plates, this Lanka involving Ravana ended up being located inside the continent with Lemuria, also known as Kumari Kandam, that is a stretch of land mass, connecting the particular Deccan plateau in South India as well as the island connected with Ceylon, by using intervening straits that they are crossed, together with Madagascar within the West, Australia on the East as well as Antarctica on the S outh, right until it went under towards that Indian underwater in development more than 3,500 years ago, while described inside the writings of the German geologist Wagner anti - this eminent Indologist Sir T.W. Holderness.

The research completed by way of Fr. Heras and also Sir John Marshall your archaeologist and other scholars in the archaeological discovers from Mohenjodaro plus Harappa point towards appearance of an before hugely developed Dravidian civilization while in the strong South which, had influenced the Indus-Valley Aryan civilization on the North.

The available fantastic studies with reference to the Dravidian civilization commences using the files which have fall in order to individuals with the Tamil literary writings during the previous 12,000 years, which have been divided by way of historians into about three periods, named the actual First Sangam period coming from 9600 BC to 5200 BC, spanning your Satya along with Treta yugas, the Second Sangam period from 5200 BC to help 1500 BC spanning the Treta as well as Dwapara yugas, and the particular Third Sangam time period out of 1500 BC in order to 1000 AD spanning that Dwapara and Kali yugas. According to the circuit associated with four yugas, namely Satya, Treta, Dwapara plus Kali yugas, in their descending arc of 12,000 many years in addition to ascending arc regarding a different 12,000 years, as mentioned by Sri Yukteswar in his well-known treatis identified as Holy Science, i am today within the ascending arc connected with Dwapara yuga finished the Kali yuga period lasting from one thousand BC that will 1800 AD. The Mahabharata war, in which Lord Krishna spread this teachings with the Bhagavad Gita to Arjuna, is actually reckoned to have occurred during the Second Sangam period around the year 3100 BC. The First Sangam, which had been set up and also nurtured by simply Siddha Sri Agastiyar, lasted regarding 4,400 decades plus had it has the middle from th e urban center of Dakshina Madura inside the place involving Lemuria.

The Second Sangam, that was also set up under the actual patronage involving Sri Agastiyar, survived pertaining to 3,700 years plus had it has the centre inside location regarding Kavatapuram in the region with Lemuria, once the actual data in the city of Dakshina Madura had removed beneath water. The Third Sangam, likewise sponsored by Sri Agastiyar, held up to get 1,800 decades in addition to had its centre with Uttara Madura, that is the ultra-modern city of Madurai, which lays north on the earlier centres, following complete belonging to the Lemurian continent possessed gone beneath water.

After your commencement regarding the particular continuous inundation on the Lemurian continent, the idea is definitely reported in which Sri Agastiyar led your migration of Dravidians that will Java along with Cambodia and also Central in addition to South America. The stories of the Incas, Mayans as well as Aztecs with South America relating to the founding of the nationalities by means of tall beared white-robed lecturers confirm the tradititional look at the fact that Lemurians, under that support of the siddhas, colonized North as well as South America, in addition to the Nile Valley, if they set up the actual Egyptian civilization.

It is essential to help please note that Edgar Cayce the particular well-known taking a nap prophet of America, possessed from the course involving their recent voluminous psychic announcements given available by simply the pup when it is in your express connected with trance described much the same sinking in the region of Atlantis with periods to the Atlantic Ocean over a time period involving several centuries among 12,000 BC and also 10,000 BC, prior to sinking of the Lemurian continent.

Accoding to be able to Prof:Arysio Santos inside his reserve "Atlantis- The Lost Continent Finally Found"

The Greeks copied thei r legends on Atlas and Atlantis from the particular Hindu ones about Atalas (Shiva) and upon Atala, the particular sunken paradise involving your Hindus. As within the Greek traditions, Atalas - whose appoint is Sanskrit in addition to means "Pillar" - seemed to be thought for being your "Pillar of the World", just as was Atlas in Greece. Atala was, like Atlantis, a sunken continent destroyed by just a fiery cataclysm, along with which in turn place within the Outer Ocean. Since your Greek legend is regarding Hindu origins plus seemed to be simply transferred thus to their traditional western area once the Greeks moved to their found whereabouts, the idea will be idle to be able to goal intended for Atlantis while in the ocean nowadays known as Atlantic. Instead, we've got to find Atlantis throughout your ocean that your Hindus identified as "Ocean in the Atlanteans" or perhaps "Western Ocean", plus and that is probably none apart from the Indian Ocean.

The Hindus hav e countless cultures using a submerged region that has been the particular paradisial district wherever mankind plus civilization first originated. One like was Tripura, "the Triple City". When we all evoke the truth that Atlantis was, including Tripura, a three-way city with material surfaces plus golden palaces, we is unable to although consider that this not one but two traditions, in the event in fact established on actual fact, reference the main one and also identical thing. Moreover, as transpired using Atlantis, that populace associated with Tripura were formerly particularly pious. But, with the passage regarding time, additionally they grew to become evil plus perverse, in addition to ended up destroyed by simply Shiva. It is on account of this kind of feat of which Shiva got the epithet of Tripurantaka ("Destroyer regarding Tripura"). As by using Lanka (see below) plus Atlantis, Tripura appeared to be built upon a mountain so lofty, that it ended up being claimed that will live within the skies.

Another Hindu story over a submerged empire that is that archetype with Atlantis issues Lanka, along with is usually explained to in more detail inside Ramayana. The tale in the destruction of Lanka simply by Rama along with Hanumant seemed to be the original what is the right Homer's Illiad had been based. Just as the Ramayana shows that history regarding Lanka as well as the rescue regarding Shita, this partner of Rama kidnapped simply by the actual malefic Ravana, the Illiad recounts that exploitation connected with Troy plus the recovery from the fickle Helen, kidnapped through Paris. Troy, featuring a bronzy outer surface and golden palaces appeared to be only one of the many allegories regarding Atlantis. In compare into the little village found simply by Schliemann inside Turkey, the real Troy lay in this Outer Ocean. It has been a magnificent cash and also went under on the underwater after its exploitation plus incending from the good struggle when using the "Greeks" of your earlier age. The parallels somewhere between Troy and also Atlantis are usually so many to get discarded. And individuals in between Plato's Atlantis and also the Lanka belonging to the Hindus show, within an unequivocal manner, so it is in the Far Orient as well as the underseas, but not inside Mediterranean region, that individuals have got to search regarding the true Troy as well as the genuine Atlantis.

The Mahabharata, another good Hindu normal saga that completes this Ramayana, tells with the famous empire of Krishna plus its destruction while in the good warfare among this Lunars and the Solars (the Kurus as well as Pandus). This wonderful warfare is, just like the one of Lanka as well as that with Troy, your genuine archetype which Plato established his / her history of Atlantis. Hastinapura, the main town of the particular Pandu empire, seemed to be this "City in the Pillars" (Hastina-pura) or, yet, the actua l "City belonging to the Nagas". These a couple of are epithets for this Atlanteans and with that Pillar connected with Heaven in the Far East. The Mahabharata in addition tells regarding Dvaraka, the administrative centre with Krishna, found throughout a great tropical isle in the middle involving the actual seas. Krishna's capital, Dvaraka, sunk underseas if your divine main character passed on from the good war, extra or maybe a smaller amount in how Atlantis resolved to go under, as outlined by Plato.

Dravidian tradition speak of a vast sunken place for the south-east connected with India named Rutas. The Dravidas assert to possess moved that will India from that continent while that sunk apart underseas, in your good cataclysm. The identify associated with Rutas apparently pertains to this Sanskrit radix rudh ("red"), as well as the Dravidian ruta ("to be red", "to burn"). These etyms stimulate the actual "Island involving Fire" and probably do end up being an al lusion towards the incredible "Land belonging to the Reds" that was one of many numerous mystic titles connected with Atlantis inside the ancient traditions. Indeed, that Dravidas claimed to own been recently Kshatryias ("Warriors"), a great Indian caste whose heraldic shade may be the red one.

The Phoenicians - in whose brand entails "reds" in Greek - claimed, similar to the particular Dravidas, to obtain take place from a good "Island with Fire" found beyond that Indian Ocean (or Erythraean) overseas. That implies your Indies, indeed located in this "Ocean belonging to the Reds" (Erythraean). Hence, the Phoenician homeland is very much in the beginning similar to the particular Rutas (or "Island of Fire") with the Dravidas. The Egyptians way too known as by themselves "Reds" (Rot or Khem, inside their tongue). And additionally claimed to get take place from this "Island of Fire" inside the Indian (or Erythraean) overseas. Would many of the tradition these virtuous p laces end up being lying? Or do you find it that people interpret their myths erroneously?

The fantasy of the Celestial Jerusalem, told while in the Book regarding Revelation, originates specifically out of your Hindu customs about Lanka, the particular "Queen belonging to the Waves". Lanka, whose record is explained to from the Ramayana, seemed to be this particular archetype of Plato's Atlantis, also while Homer's Troy. Lanka was constructed customers some sort of lofty hill (Mt. Trikuta = Mt. Atlas and also Meru), as well as had been stated "to journey inside the air, scratch the belly connected with heaven". Hindu myths also tell exactly how Lanka, with "its towers and walls associated with stone clad with metal" was drawn out of your summit in the Holy Mountain (Meru) by the North Wind (Vayu) as well as thrown into your seas, where it drowned having most of it's broad population. Interestingly enough, identical myth, with Atlas (i. e., Atlantis) substituting inte nded for Lanka, is likewise encountered in Greece. Atlas, typically diagnosed with Hesperus, your Evening Star, seemed to be chucked to the ocean simply by Boreas, the actual North Wind who's this Greek equal of Vayu. There Atlas drowned, as well as appeared to be being found not any more, just as took place having Lanka and, indeed, having Atlantis.

Other Hindu legends tell regarding Agartha (or Shambhalla), that subterranean dominion of the King in the World. According to the current tradition, it is definitely from Shambhalla that is to be able to surge Kalkin, ("the White Knight") for that ultimate battle of the finish associated with times. Kalkin, the actual White Knight, is usually to cause his hosts, the Sons connected with Light, to victory against the actual Sons of Darkness. The myth connected with Shambhalla is usually your archetype from that had been copied your similar types of the Essenes and also from the Christians. Again, like with that Celestial Je rusalem involving St. John's Revelation, this fairy tale associated with Kalkin prefigures the Second Coming regarding Jesus Christ. Many authorities include correlated that lifestyle with Agartha in addition to Shambhalla using the ones from Atlantis and the Celestial Jerusalem. In fact, Atlantis also will certainly resurge ultimately of periods (now?) inside exactly that same approach given to the Celestial Jerusalem associated with the Book involving Revelation. Then, will probably the actual Golden Age end up being reconditioned towards the world, for Atlantis is definitely the actual Paradise Lost many of us were anticipating intended for thus long.

Celtic tradition often speak of an "Island of the Lions". This classy terraces isle shows up within Hindu traditions as Saka-dvipa and also Simhala-dvipa ("Island involving the particular Lions", throughout Sanskrit). This "Island from the Lions" in addition numbers in a great many other different traditions. In Celti c traditions, your Island in the Lions otherwise known as Avalon. The title of Avalon has become interpreted together as "Land involving the actual Apple Trees" and as "Island on the Lions" (Ava-lon). This paradisial tropical isle can also be called Lyonesse (Lyon-ys or "Island with the Lions") or Llyn Llion ("Lake Lion"), this water which in turn reputedly overwhelmed the full earth featuring its rich waters when this overflowed, creating that Flood.

The "Island with the Lions" just talked about (see above item) is actually no other than the particular Simhala-dvipa (or Serendip) on the Hindus. Serendip can be really the particular "Island belonging to the Seres" (Seren-dip), which is the same as Taprobane (Sumatra). The Seres are generally "the people today associated with the silk" (serica = "silk", with Latin). They are defined like a blond, blue-eyed, extra tall people by means of Pliny, Solinus plus others. As most of us simply said, Serendip is a identical to T aprobane as well as Sumatra, and should not necessarily always be confused with Shri Lanka (Ceylon), it's Indian counterpart. The phrase "lion", within India, is associated by using "hero" (gandha or perhaps simha inside Skt., singa in Dravida, etc.), so that the title with Simhala-dvipa indeed indicates "Island involving your Heroes". And these "Heroes" associated with previous tend to be no different than those of Atlantis, damaged inside the Flood, as described in the Book connected with Genesis (ch. 6).

It will be through the primordial Lemurian Atlantis of which obtain almost all each of our common myths and non secular traditions, the very models that will made possible the actual ascent associated with Man preceding the beasts on the field. From Atlantis derive many our scientific disciplines in addition to our own technology: agriculture, cattle herding, this alphabet, metallurgy, astronomy, music, religion, and so forth. These pioneer technology are generally and so clever and thus advanced them to seem while organic as the air we all breath of air and also the gods most of us worship. But these are many incredibly sophisticated technology that arrived that will us from your daybreak of times, from the actual twin Atlantises we utterly forgot.

It is throughout India along with in Indonesia, that, even today, most of us get the hidden knowledge connected with Atlantis plus Lemuria concealed behind the particular thick veil of their truth and lies in addition to allegories. The critical occasions are generally disguised inside Hindu in addition to Buddhic faith based traditions, or even informed because wonderful sagas similar to the ones from this Ramayana as well as the Mahaharata. The malfunction this encouraged the ancients, combined with the modern researchers, into believing that will Atlantis lay from the Atlantic Ocean is great now that we all learn the true whereabouts in the sunken continent. When humankind reloca ted from Indonesia on the regions involving Europe as well as that Near East, the "Occidental Ocean" from the Hindus turned your Oriental Ocean, for this then lay towards east.

The (Hindu) truth and lies this informed of Atlantis making inside Occidental Ocean grew to become interpreted seeing that discussing the Atlantic Ocean, developed in terms of Europe, their own innovative residence. The Hindus identified as the actual sunken region from the title with Atala (or Atalas) a title uncannily equivalent compared to that involving Atlas along with with Atlantis (by that appending connected with the suffix tis or even tiv = "mountain", "island", in Dravida, and distinct "tiw"). It can be using this starting which artists for example in which belonging to the stylish Keftiu of the actual Egyptians, the actual "Islands within the Middle belonging to the Ocean (the "Great Green")" in the long run followed (Keftiu = Kap-tiv = "capital island" or "Skull Island" = "Calvary" in Dravida, the beautiful language regarding Indonesia). But that is a longer tale which in turn most people inform elsewhere, presenting this detailed evidence for this uncanny allegation of ours.

Atlantis was a place belonging to the Atlantic Ocean where, based on Plato, in addition to innovative civilization developed some 11,600 decades ago. Plato claims that, as being the end result of a enormous volcanic cataclysm of globally extent, this kind of place sunk away underseas, disappearing forever. Official Science - usually the one everyone know at classes - rejects the exact living involving Atlantis, since there are thus far been can not uncover virtually any footprints connected with it is reality. But the explanation for that is straightforward for you to explain. Everybody features been searching in the inappropriate locations, when Atlantis without a doubt sits from the face-to-face side with the world.

Lemuria, for the various other hand, is an even mature variation associated with Atlantis. Lemuria can be certainly similar to your Garden regarding Eden along with such Paradises in which in actual fact endured and also were the particular birthplace of Mankind as well as Civilization, precisly for the reason that Bible as well as other Holy Books affirm. From there, world distributed that will Atlantis and various aspects of this world, in the start with times, a few twenty or 30 thousand decades ago, throughout the Ice Age.

In the vedic books that happen to be divided to the Rig-Veda, your Yajurveda, the actual Samaveda as well as Atharveda. The Rig Veda being this oldest. Although these types of bible usually are believed to have been divinely uncovered in India and to have taken place there, creator Professor Arysio Nunes dos Santos perceives make truly consider Atlantis, which in turn based on his or her principle was based the location where the South China Sea will be along with Indonesia. This might have m anufactured traditional India the nearest outpost with the Atlantean civilisation.

The Indonesian Islands as well as the Malay Peninsula that people nowadays witness will be the actual unsunken relicts associated with Lemurian Atlantis, the lofty volcanic foothills in which became this volcanic countries of this region, the real website associated with Paradise around most ancient traditions. The sunken section regarding continental extendable at this point sorts the actual muddy, shallow bottoms from the South China Sea. It is definitely encircled by simply Indonesia plus forms that boundary of the Indian along with the Pacific Oceans.

The greatest coming from all Lemurian colonies was Atlantis, set up within India, already throughout the heydays with Lemuria, as well as which, within time, arrived at your apex regarding human being grandeur. Atlantis along with Lemuria had prospered for your whole zodiacal age group (2,160 years), if your superb cataclysm des troyed their typical world, afre the wedding of the Pleistocene, several 11,600 many years ago. The scant survivors from the cataclysm that will sunk Lemuria away were pushed in order to run away their ruined Paradise, switching primary for you to India, as well as associated with Atlantis, which usually acquired recently been able to escape inside its northern, loftier portion. But the international catastrophe had additionally triggered the actual end on the Pleistocene Ice Age, along with the reduing with the Himalayan glaciers brought on huge floods belonging to the rivers connected with Asia, making the district not made for human habitation. These huge amounts ravaged the following remainder of Atlantis, witout a doubt enormously destroyed through the unique cataclysm, the giant conflagration with the Indonesian volcanoes plus the huge tsunamis some people caused, in addition to with the problem this ravaged their land inside their wake.

Again, this specific bou nd persons has been obliged for you to flee, emigrating, over the following millennia, that will remote places such when Egypt, Mesopotamia, Palestine, North Africa, Europe, North Asia, the particular Near Orient and even Oceania as well as the Americas. Some came on foot, inside huge hordes including those of the Israelite exodus. Others arrived through ship, like Noah throughout his Ark as well as Aeneas along with his fleet, to observed the fantastic civilizations in the traditional world.

The great civilizations that marilyn and i find out of, inside Indus Valley, in Egypt, in Mesopotamia, Asia Minor, Greece, Rome, Mexico and also your Americas were most of Atlantean colonies founded by this survivors associated with this cataclysm that demolished this twin Paradises of Atlantis along with Lemuria. These colonists, with course, attempted to create their Eden within their brand new homeland.

The newcomers known as every topographical feature following your archetypes on the clean abode equally immigrants will conduct your very same nowadays. Such is exactly why most of us continue finding vestiges connected with Atlantis everywhere, from Brazil as well as North America to help Spain, Crete, and sometimes Africa and North Europe. All these kinds of historic cultures talked with Civilizing Heroes such as Manu, Noah, Aeneas, your Oanns, Hotu Matua, Quetzalcoatl, Kukulkan, Bochica and, regarding course, Atlas along with Hercules, your omnipresent Twins that launched civilizations everywhere.

Prof. Santos, exactly who appeared to be trained within academics scientific discipline in addition to was a mentor of nuclear physics with Brazil, explained your dog acquired originally started out his / her homework into Atlantis for a sceptic in addition to unbeliever but possessing researched throughly into world religions, occult traditions, geology along with word of mouth derivations he had grow to be convinced it was super actua l indeed. It grew to be a mandate connected with his to have the knowledge that Atlantis has been true released for you to the following crazy world. He experienced a totally innovative theory - which Atlantis might not often be identified due to the fact everybody were looking within the drastically wrong position and that Plato's develop the topic ended up misunderstood. Arysio believed which the accurate position with Atlantis was in the location in the Indian Ocean as well as the South China Sea. The Indonesian islands will be almost all that may be eventually left of it. He likewise believed that will India has been one among it is closest many colonies along with the fact that holy textbooks called the Vedas and the Hindu religion are according to in addition to around Atlantis. The mentor as well believed this various non secular events these when baptism were memory regarding Atlantis as well as the best way this perished less than this seas.

Arysio thought t hat will which Guanche language had been resulting Dravidian along with arranged a decent scenario proving to be that by comparing Dravidian terms with all those on the Guanche - many are nearly identical. He had also written on The Mysterious Origin with the Guanches. He theorized the fact that "Golden Age" as well as the Garden connected with Eden and "Paradise" were all memory associated with Atlantis because it was previously and that once it's destruction your survivors must commence again and experienced misplaced almost all their design developments as well as have been diminished to some extremely simple way of living.

His plan had been that Atlantis was messed up using a cataclysmic volcanic eruption along with tsunami which shook all the world. He as well senses that it may possibly have been activated deliberately in nuclear war simply by these ancient folks who existed on Atlantis in addition to this individual had been praying this became definitely not v isiting possibly be that fate belonging to the entire world again.

In conclusion I can certainly merely express that here's another instance belonging to the antiquity belonging to the Vedic Civilization. Platos fabled area associated with Atlantis even though may be a Myth this can be a possible actuality since many beliefs are distortion of quite a few information which in turn happens inside remote previous and it is still around while in the recollection of the population offered from generation to technology verbally. Thus getting a new Myth or a new Legend. Corroborated by using the many evidences along with scientific studies it's a reasonable bottom line this Vedic Civilization could be which remnants in the Atlantis Civilization.

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