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Terrorism: your warfare in the Cannibals ...jai ho India !! amar hay Rajive Gandhi !!!

Bharath Bushan Layman

The India-Gate.

9/11 & 26/11: the lessons un-Learned.

Jai Ho India!! Amar Hai Rajive Gandhi!!!

Background teaches us the invaluable lesson that Truth could possibly have to face initial set-backs but Truth will persist till it wins. The victory of Truth will be repeated till the end of the universe.

The Jews crucified Jesus Christ but He resurrected on the third day. Jesus was the Truth and just given that of that, He had to rest in darkness for three days, prior to the victory more than death.

Just like that, Velupillai Prabhakaran blasted Rajive Gandhi on May well 21st 1991, but Rajive Gandhi resurrected right after 18 dark years, almost on the exact same day: May well 21.

The Jews did have a cause to crucify Jesus. Jesus Christ claimed that He was the son of the Lord but the Jews refused to think that, and according to the Jewish-Law, claiming divinity was blasphemy, and blasphemy was an offence eligible for death-punishment.

Velupillai Prabhakaran was an eccentric Srilankan Tamil, born with a contaminted brain more than-chrged with fury and excitement. He wanted to discovered a Tamil Empire in Srilanka and desired to develop into the Tamil Emperor for ever till the end of the universe. To his bad luck, his parents failed to comprehend about his mental-disorder and so they did not feel the want to admit him in a lunatc-asylum.

Velupillai Prabhakaran cleverly exploited the illiteracy and intellectual bankruptcy of the Srilankan Tamils and without having also significantly work he became the champion of the Tamils living around the globe.Velupillai Prabhakaran organized his LTTE, with the fnancial and intellectual assistance of the DMK leaders who came into power in Tamilnadu by means of the cleverest-ever manipultions by putting Tamil-Lunacy into practical use.

The LTTE Gundas started coercive-collection of heavy cess and taxes from the affluent Tamils living around the globe and started guerilla war-fare all more than the island-nation. The repeated torrorist-hits committed by the LTTE resulted in a vertical Tamil-Simhala split in the Srilankan population.

India, becoming the major force in the region, couldn't afford to ignore the developments in its neighbourhood. The main point of India's concern was that the Srilankan Tamils are of Indian origin and India had to appear into two aspects of the trouble.

The very first aspect was that India has to assure that the Srilankan Tamils should certainly be safe-guarded from the allegation that the many people of Indian origin paved the way for the partition of the island-nation on ethnic-lines.

The second aspect was that India was duty-bound to assure the safety of the Srilankan Tamils. So the govt. of India led by Rajive Gandhi, in response to a request from the Srilankan government, decided to intervene in the internal affairs of the island-nation.

At the behest of Rajive Gandhi, the Indian army constituted a unique process-force to be sent to Srilanka. This team was named as the Indian Peace Keeping Force (the IPKF) and was despatched to Srilanka. The objective behind the despatch of the IPKF was a two-pronged one particular.

The very first motive was to avoid the LTTE from committing any more guerilla-attacks against the Srilankan forces. The next motive was to safeguard the Srilankan Tamils from both the Srilankan forces and the LTTE. As the LTTE deemed these Tamils who didn't assistance them morally and meterially also as enemies, the IPKF had to safeguard the Tamils also from the LTTE.

The mission delegated to the IPKF was achieved, by the generous assistance extened by the Tamil population in Srilanka. The LTTE started loosing the grip more than the Srilankan Tamils, and started efforts to avoid further damages and to re-obtain the lost-grip more than the Tamils. For this they raised repeated allegations against the IPKF. They accused the IPKF of committing genocide on the Srilankan Tamils. They accused the IPKF of committing mass-rapes onTamil females.

The political parties of the United Front which was led by V.P.Singh which wanted to topple the Rajive Gandhi government, took-more than the chorus from the LTTE, and started acussing Rajive Gandhi of the massacre of Srilakan Tamils and of the mass-rapes of the Tamil females. V.P.Singh created this the main plank of the Unite Front campaign in the 1989 election in which Rajive Gandhi was defeated.

Right away right after V.P.Singh's take-more than, he withdrew the IPKF from Srilanka, leaving the fate of the Srilankan Tamils under the feet of the LTTE. Basically this was the actual starting of the ordeal of the Srilankan Tamils.

If V.P.SIngh and M.Karunanidhi were sincere and critical in their allegations about the massacre and the mass-rapes, they could have at least tried to determine these soldiers who had committed massacre and mass-rapes on the Srilankan Tamils. But they didn't do that, given that, they, greater than anybody else, knew that all were mere stories fabricated by themselves for their own benifits at the hustings and to assure the continued existence of the LTTE.

As soon as V.P.Singh started enjoying the spirit of power in New Delhi, his sins started hounding him. The IPKF was not the only problem he implemented to stab Rajive Gandhi from behind apart from that, he implemented the Bofors problem also as another dagger. The Bofors case was a brutal crime committed by V.P.Singh, but his unscrupulous-manipulations impossed the onus of the crime on Rajive Gandhi.

V.P.Singh was the Defence MInister in the Rajive Gandhi ministry, and he was an active paricipant in the Bofors deal. Even though a share of the Bofors kick-back amount was ear-marked for the Congress party, that income was fraudulently whisked away by V.P.Singh. He deposited that income (ten million US Dollars) in a Bank in St. Kitts, in an account owned by his son Ajeya Singh, who was then a practising Chartered Accountant in New York. This amount was withdrawn quickly right after the proclamation of the 1989 gnereal-election to the Indian Parliament, and the income was spent for the campaigning expenditures of the United-Front, of which V.P.Singh's Janata Dal was the main constituent.

Right away right after the appearance of the news about the St. Kitts income transaction in a gulf newspaper, V.P.Singh's son Ajeya Singh convened a press conference in New York , to announce that the amount (Rs. Fifty Crores worth US Dollars) he had withdrawn from the St.Kitts bank was his tricky-earned income from his profession as a Chartered Accountant in the US, and that his father V.P.Singh had nothing to do with the income.This press-conference and the subsequent statements were reported by numerous major newspapers in India.

When the ghosts of the IPKF and the Bofors started haunting V.P.Singh, he seriously got scared and started seeking techniques to eradicate Rajive Gandhi. It was right here the patterns of the conspiracy against Rajive Gandhi had its origin. There is no which means in putting all the blames on the LTTE alone. The LTTE was only a lethal weapon put into use by the perpetrators. The actual willain was M.Karunanidhi,and he had 50:50 partnership in the conspiracy along with V.P.Singh. But one particular should certainly see that it was only the starting.

Later, the elimination of Rajive Gandhi became the popular aspect which united the Indian political leaders who desired to develop into the future prime-ministers. As far as these leaders were concerned, Rajive Gandhi was a hurdle in their track to power. They undertook the motto, "kill Rajive or commit suicide." The prime-ministerial aspirants constituted a mob and they elected R.Venkataraman, the then president of India as their leader and co-ordinator.

The Synod of the prime-ministerial aspirants who developed and implemented the "Operation Sree Permbadur" includes P.V.Narasimha Rao, Sharath Pawar, and P.A.Sangma (all from the Congress party), AB Vajpayee and LK Advani (the BJP), V.P.Singh, Ramjeth Malani, George Fernandez, Mulayam Singh Yadav , Lalu Prasad Yadav and Biju Patnaik (the Janatha Dal), Mayavathy (the BSP), Jayalalithaa (the AIADMK), N.T.Rama Rao, Chandrababu Naidu (the TDP), and E.M.S and Jyothi Basu of the CPI(M). The Synod of the prime-ministerial aspirants unanimously appointed godman Chandraswamy as the "super-star-priest" to anoint the future prime-ministers in India.

The names of all the above leaders are in the interim-report submitted by the Jain Commission which enquired into the conspiracy-angle of the Rajive Gandhi Assassination Situation. The Jain Commission Report is a public-record and anybody can examine it in accordance with the Suitable to Info Act 2005.

Narasimha Rao got scared and bewildered, right after receiving the news of the statement created by Mr.Arief Muhammad Khan (then Janatha Dal, but now BSP) before the Jain commission, that he was a participant of a meeting convened by Narasimha Rao and Chandraswamy to finalise the modes-operandi of the master-program formulated for the elimination of Rajive Gandhi. In order to get out of the furnace of future litigations, Narasimha Rao, by means of a cabinet choice, wound up the Jain Commission so as to avoid it from submitting any report.

Senior Congess leaders Arjun Singh and N.D.Tiwari rose in revolt against this cabinet choice and they resigned from the cabinet as well as the Congress and formed the Indian National Congress (Tiwari). Following high pressure from the Congress itself, Narasimha Rao had to cancel the choice to wind up the Jain Commission . Narasimha Rao had lastly succeeded in winding up the Jain Commission by means of Mr.I.K.Gujral who followed H.D.Deve Gowda, as prime minister. Each Gowda and Gujral were nominees of Narasimha Rao, who came into power with the outside assistance of the Congress.

From the encounter, one particular has to think that Narasimha Rao was an RSS agent, and that he took advices from A.B.Vajpayee. It was at the behest of Vajpayee, that Narasimha Rao allowed the RSS to demolish the Babri Masjid, and that was the very first step taken by him in the demolition of the Congress party. Narasimha Rao seriously wanted to develop into the final Congress prime minister, and he wanted A.B.Vajpayee to succeed him, and by means of the demolition of the Congress party, Narasimha Rao intended to pave the way of A.B.Vajpayee into the throne.

But Rajive Gandhi's darlings Sonia Gandhi, Rajive Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi had performed it. They have brought the Congress party back to the days of Rajive Gandhi. The Congress was 190 then, and it is 206 now.

Jai Ho India!!

Amar Hai Rajive Gandhi!!!

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